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Top 5 Payroll Systems For Small Business

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Making the right payroll software solution for your small business is crucial since keeping a productive team in place depends on paying your employees on time and appropriately.

Payroll software comes in a variety of forms, from free payroll apps with basic functionality to full-featured payroll systems with HR add-ons. Here are a few of the best choices to take into account.

Top 5 Payroll Systems For Small Business

Top 5 Payroll Systems For Small Business

Gusto Payroll

Our choice for the finest payroll service that provides the most comprehensive package—at the most affordable price—is Gusto. Small firms can use this platform for payroll, benefits, and HR starting at just $45 per month. Gusto also offers a contractor-only company option with no base cost and a $6 per employee monthly fee.

Access to full-service payroll is available in all Gusto editions. The more plan tiers you upgrade to, the more features you'll receive.

The most affordable plan is Gusto Core, which has a base monthly cost of $39 and a per-person cost of $6. Each Gusto plan includes the following features:

endless payroll runs

options for employee self-service with permanent access

healthcare benefits management

Managing workers' compensation

Live chat, email, and phone customer service

Integrations for time tracking, accounting, and other systems

The next tier up, the Gusto Complete plan, costs an extra $12 per employee every month in addition to the same $39 base charge. The extra features include:

Option for next-day direct deposit

Timekeeping and vacation scheduling

offers to employees and onboarding

Directories of employees, org diagrams, and surveys

The most expensive option, Gusto Concierge, has more capabilities and is $149 per month plus $12 per employee.

Dedicated customer service

certified HR specialists

HR support office

Gusto provides a hands-on demo so that you can examine the aspects of the plans. Your Gusto plan can include additional benefits like 401(k) retirement plans and health insurance.


Another excellent alternative for small enterprises is QuickBooks Payroll. Payroll can be easily added if you currently use QuickBooks accounting software to monitor your company's finances. This payroll application is easily activated in QuickBooks Online.

There are three software options available, with QuickBooks Payroll Core costing $45 per month + $4 for each employee. The monthly cost of $8 per employee plus $75 for QuickBooks Payroll Premium.

Additionally, you can get QuickBooks Payroll Elite for $125 per month + $10 for each employee. It may be possible to lower the initial cost of the plans by offering a 50% base price discount for three months.

The following full-service features are available with the Core plan:

indefinite payroll runs

Direct payment (next day)

Payroll tax filing and payment for both federal and state

employee intranet

Payroll assistance from professionals

Payroll statistics

Options for 401(k) plans and health benefits

The Premium package includes features like employee services and HR support. Everything in the Core plan is included in this bundle, plus the following extra features:

Instantaneous direct deposit

Managing workers' compensation

time tracking on the go

Review of your payroll setup by experts

HR support office

The Elite plan provides more specialized support. It includes all the elements of the other two plans plus:

An professional offered setup

24/7 product assistance

Personal HR consultant

protection from IRS tax penalties

Who can use QuickBooks' payroll software is not subject to restrictions. Any size firm can use it, including those with only one employee.

Patriot Payroll

Patriot Payroll is another option on our list of the top payroll programs for small businesses. There are two versions of the software, both of which are free to test for 30 days.

The monthly fee for the Basic edition is $10 plus $4 for each employee or contractor. Standard payroll features are available, but you are in charge of paying and reporting payroll taxes. The following payroll features are available in the software:

Support for setting up payroll

endless payroll runs

Check printing or direct deposit as a payment option

Integrations between the time management, accounting, and employee portal

For companies with up to 100 employees, Patriot Payroll is intended. If you now employ more than 100 people or anticipate doing so soon, it might not be an option for you.


Consider Payroll4Free if you're only looking for free payroll software. You can use the basic payroll services without paying anything if you have to pay 25 or fewer employees.

Payroll4Free basic features:

Processing of payroll for contractors and employees

Checks or direct deposits to your bank account

Combined federal, state, and local tax computations with filing fees

tracking of time

Worker access

Data export functionality for payroll Customer service

In addition to those fundamental services, Payroll4Free may submit your payroll taxes, deposit your payroll taxes, and send direct deposit cash to your employees' bank accounts rather than your own for a monthly fee of $30.

ADP Payroll

ADP Run is a payroll product for small firms with one to 49 employees. Automatic Data Processing, also known as ADP, is a well-known name in the business software industry. Under the Workforce Now offering, ADP also provides payroll plans for companies with 50 or more employees.

Run offers four different packages: Essential, Enhanced, Complete, and HR Pro. As you advance through the tiers of programs, more features become available. Pricing is not internet accessible; ADP only offers individualized quotes.

The Run Essential package includes the following fundamental ADP Payroll features:

Payroll is managed through computer, smartphone, and mobile device.

Payroll distribution and direct deposit

filing and depositing taxes

Payroll reporting and HR

Worker access

new hire orientation

employee rebates

The most HR capabilities are available with the Run HR Pro package, which includes:

Access to HR business consultants

Marketing resources and guidance

Upnetic Legal Services provides legal representation.

ADP Run also provides add-on choices for its programs, like as time and attendance, workers' compensation, retirement, and health insurance.

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